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Enjoy the best possible rewards from your exhibitions, trade fairs and shows.

Successful exhibiting can bring a considerable return on investment, but it doesn’t just happen. This niche sector of your marketing effort requires, and indeed deserves, very careful attention.

A clear strategy and detailed plans, applied from initial concept right through to the post-exhibition follow ups is the best route to success. However, most organisations don’t have the necessary specialist skills in house. Let us help you seize the opportunity and enjoy stellar results.


Our network of specialists can assist with

Regardless of whether you will be exhibiting at a large international expo, a

national exhibition, or a trade specific event such as an agricultural show we

can help you to succeed.

‘Successful Exhibiting’ Consultancy

This advisory and management service will help you develop and implement a clear strategy. Our decades of experience helping companies large and small around the world has resulted in a proven formula for success. Adopt the process and we guarantee that you will be delighted with the outcomes.

Our expert advisors will assist with

Clarifying Objectives

Defining the Strategy

Preparing Plans

Identifying the Message

Managing the Stand

Collecting Data

Exploiting the Data

Measuring Results

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Professional Presenters

It’s very important to have a clear message, but  it’s also essential to communicate that message in the most impactful way. For many occasions a professional presenter who can consistently and enthusiastically deliver will be the ideal solution. The style of presentation may vary from job to job, but the quality will always be the same - first class.

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Entertainers and Games

Frequently an entertainer or game is the ideal way to add a light-hearted touch to the stand atmosphere. Humour and competitions are great ways to engage people, making them much more receptive to your message. However, humour alone is not sufficient. We will focus the entertainment to complement the stand and support your message.

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Specialist Stand Staff

Exhibitions are very hard work. Always. They also require people with specialist skills, which most companies won’t have in-house. Skills such as pro-active intervention, establishing instant rapport, qualifying prospects and delivering the message are essential. Our carefully selected and trained personnel are available to cover all these requirements and more, always with a smile. They will always act as great ambassadors for your business.

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Staff Training Services

Many companies will  need to have their own staff on the stand. However, selecting the right people and then training them to deliver effectively is very important. Your staff will almost certainly be outside their comfort zones, possibly intimidated and quickly exhausted by the whole experience. Our training services will prepare them to confidently and enthusiastically embrace the opportunities, giving you a considerable advantage over your competitors.

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We firmly believe that Exhibition stand promotion is first and foremost a ‘person to person’ business. That’s why everything we do is all about people.

Please do call us now on 01423 711806 to discuss how we can help you.

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