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Golf Putting Simulator

This brilliant simulator adjusts itself to create a variety of putting challenges.

Its ease of play and simple design makes it ideal for many different situations.


Golf putting simulator for exhibition stands

Aura Readings

Handprint photographs reveal magnetic fields emanating from the body. Through self-interpretation cards, or via discussion with an expert, personal traits are revealed.


Aura photography for exhibition stands

Crane Grabber

Excellent as a fun way of conveying key messages or awarding gifts, as the balls can be filled with novelties or tokens of your choice. The cabinet sides can be branded for added impact.


Giant Operation

60 seconds to remove all the items. Great fun and, like all our games, quick to play so a high throughput is assured. Option to substitute the standard items with your product related ones.


Giant operation game

Giant Buzzwire

Visually impressive and so enticing. Three lives per round, and a musical fanfare for completing the course. Table mounted, only 1m wide. Perfect if space is at a premium. Bespoke shapes to order.


Giant buzzwire for exhibition stands


Complementary caricatures are always a popular gift. The friendly style of drawing is especially appropriate. Black and white sketches take approximately 5 minutes each. New for 2012  is digital ipad tablet caricatures


Relaxation Challenge

Lay back in the chair, focus on the screen in front and watch the hot air balloon float across the sky. The more you relax the higher the balloon flies, clearing the fun obstacles. Get a little stressed and it sinks ever lower.


Relaxation game for exhibition stands


Attractive profiles are skillfully cut by a talented artist. Each takes just a few minutes to produce and is presented in a card mount. The mounts can be overprinted if required.


Silhouette cutting for exhibtions

Motorsports Simulators

Hi tech racing machines are always enticing and deliver cache at any event. Our selection of simulators includes F1 cars, rally cars, and motorcycles. Plus, we offer a helicopter as well.


F1 motorsports simulator at a tradeshow

Interactive Quiz

A professionally hosted, bespoke interactive quiz, carefully designed to attract and educate visitors. Product or service information is skilfully incorporated to build awareness in a lighthearted way.


Targeted quiz at a tradeshow

Rapid Reactions Game

Try to hit the lights on the board whenever they come on. The 12 lights flash randomly and there are 60 seconds available. The unit, approx 2m x 2m x 0.5m can be fully branded to your design.


Batak rapid reactions game on exhibition stand

Mind Reader

This superb entertainer will bring your products or services to the attention of visitors in a fast-paced, totally unique way. Visitors will be intrigued and amazed. He’s one of the best around.

Mind reader games on an exhibition stand

Horse Race Derby

Instant horse racing for up to 3 players with this great interactive game. Roll the balls to make the horses run. Add even more entertainment with our Race Commentator/MC raising a crowd.


Horse racing game for exhibitions

Giant Furry Creatures

These brilliant creations are perfect for promoting an exhibition and entertaining the visitors. Choose either the amazing polar bear, or maybe some alien creatures. All are huge, making a big impact, and fully animated.

Giant furry animal show

Chocolate Tastings

Chocolate is always a powerful attraction! This combination of the finest truffles and chocolates, combined with the engaging insights from a professional chocolatier adds sophistication and interaction.


Chocolate tasting at an exhibition

Mini Motorsports

An amazing racing circuit for radio controlled cars. 10 drivers, a striking circuit, race commentary, computerised scoring and even live racing footage on the big screen. Requires min 6m x 5m

Miniature car racing games

Scalextric Racing

Great motorsports action on any of a range of quality circuits, which  can be as small as 2m x 2m. Lively competitions and plenty of branding opportunities around the circuit or on the cars.


Compact Scalextric circuit for exhibitions

Micro 4x4 Off Road Driving

Navigate these amazing palm sized radio controlled machines around the table top obstacle course. Choose the classic mountain rocks, or let us construct a circuit from your products. Great fun, highly enticing.


Miniature 4x4 games for exhibitions


Just like football, but without touching the ball! Beat your opponent using only the power of the mind. The less you think about it the more the ball will move towards the goal. Fun to play, fun to observe.


Table top football game using only the brain


See visitors mesmerised by these magical giant bubbles. People in bubbles, bubbles in bubbles, square bubbles, coloured bubbles... Amazing effects; a great crowd pleaser. Perfect for all ages.

Giant bubble making for exhibitions and sales promotions

This innovative collection of exhibition stand attractions and entertainment ideas offers numerous ways of driving traffic to your stand and conveying key messages.  Exhibitions, B2B trade shows and product launches present great opportunities to promote your business to both existing and potential customers. A well targeted attraction will help you exploit these opportunities and enjoy the best possible ROI.  

All are available UK wide and internationally.                              (hover over an image for an expanded view)

Balloon Modelling

Models of the very highest quality, produced by an internationally acclaimed artiste. She can even create bespoke models of your product. A gift to be proud of.


High quality balloon modelling for exhibitions and tradeshows

Body Art

Beautiful decorative art to add a touch of sparkle and colour, painted by a highly talented artist. It could be an abstract work, your company logo or a bespoke design of your choice.


Hand painting body art for tradeshows and exhibitions

Play Your Products Right

Guess which card will be turned up next. You set the odds and visitors play the game. Subtly promote your name and your product with this very enjoyable game.


Graffiti Wall

Experience all the fun of spray painting to your heart’s content, without any of the issues. On screen graffiti lets your artistic creativity come to the fore. Either use a promotional template, or just let visitors experiment.


Ball Catcher

Step into the sealed box and try to catch as many of the coloured balls as possible in the time available. An eye-catching game perfect for give-aways, overall prizes etc.


Eco Driver /Safe Driver

How fuel efficient is your driving technique? How safe are you? This advanced ‘real life’ driving simulator  recreates typical conditions and analyses your performance. Perfect for all auto industry and ‘environmentally aware’ situations.  

Sports Simulator

An impressive 4m x 4m x 3m frame is the backdrop for this cutting edge sports simulator. Games include ice hockey, football, baseball, basketball and golf. Highly interactive and very visual. Many branding opportunities.

For information on how we can help with staffing and training services designed to ensure you enjoy the best possible results from your exhibiting effort please click here

Exhibition Stand Attractions

  ...I particularly appreciated the way you  helped  draw  visitors on to  the stand,,,

Roving robot for exhibitions and sales promotions


This charming robot is a remarkable piece of eye-catching technology that will work tirelessly to promote your business. Distribute leaflets, show video, chat with visitors ...


Laser Target Shooting

Up to 5 players can compete simultaneously. Various game formats available. Bespoke theme backdrops and props can be created for added focus. Great for product launches.


James Bond 007 shooting game

‘The Rectangle’  (think The Cube)

Dare you face The Rectangle, with its practical teasers and challenges? This amazing game is certain to entice and engage your visitors.  It’s fantastic fun and just a little addictive. Who can beat The Rectangle?


Giant operation game

Fabulous Ice Creams

Your visitors will love you. A re-vitalising, top quality ice cream is sure to hit the spot, especially in a hot exhibition hall. Uniquely, we can even offer ice creams made instantly.


Labyrinth Game

A giant 1m x 1m version of the game of skill, where the object is to steer the ball through the maze without it falling down one of the traps.

Win £10,000

Now this is a game that everyone will definitely want to play. All you have to do is open the safe, by entering the correct numbers. If you succeed the money is yours!


Win £10000