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If you are looking for some novel entertainments for a family fun day, summer party, BBQ or similar then the ideas below are sure to be of interest. There are some innovative ideas and all are professionally presented by talented entertainers. If quality is paramount you won’t be disappointed.

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

A versatile games for up to 5 players firing simultaneously at the airborne targets. Scores are automatically updated and displayed. Various different games can be played during a session.


Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting game

Ferret Racing

Lighthearted and enjoyable competition with 4 sporty ferrets racing down a row of long tubes and boxes. Which one will emerge at the far end first? Hosted by a friendly countryman and ferret expert.


Ferret racing activity

Mini Motorsports Mayhem

Crazy action with these amazing radio controlled buggies and trucks. Bashes and crashes are positively encouraged, so it;s no surprise that everyone wants a go! With 6 cars on the go it’s huge fun.


Radio controlled car racing games Giant dinosaur assembly game

Medieval Longbow and Crossbow

A medieval tent, armour and period costume, plus traditional longbows and wooden arrows make this so much more impressive than a modern layout. more

Medieval archery games

Popinjay Archery

An ancient target shooting game using longbows, firing high into the air trying to hit items hanging on top of a high pole. (we use pinatas for a modern twist). A great game, but please remember a safe fallout area is essential!

'Popinjay' medieval archery game

Climbing Walls

What’s different about our walls? One is a conventional vertical wall, but is able to accommodate handicapped climbers. The other is a Palm Tree, actually 3 trees in  a cluster.  

Mobile climbing wall

Mobile Ropes Obstacle Course

A set of 8 high rope obstacles have to be overcome to complete a circuit. This trailer mounted unit can accommodate approx 20 - 30 people per hour.

Mobile ropes course

Traditional Swingboats

These wonderful swingboats are suitable for adults and children alike. Everyone loves the relaxing motion. Classic, simple entertainment.


Traditional fairground swingboats

Animal Magic

A mobile mini zoo with a great selection of interesting animals e.g. Lizards, snakes, scorpions, hedgehogs, frogs, spiders ... Most are very happy to be handled, if you dare.

Mobile mini zoo

Arts and Crafts

Brilliant fun for the younger ones as they explore the world of arts and crafts. The workshop can focus on one speciality or a selection e.g. Masks, picture frames, coloured sands, candle painting, cookie decorating ...

Themed Photo Studio

If the event has a theme then this amazing photo studio will be a winner. With a stunning set, amazing props and a character photographer, everyone loves the experience.


Mobile themed photographic studio

Chuckle Buggy Driving

A totally hilarious driving experience! 6 wheels, 2 engines and 2 levers to steer with. Spin and slalom through the bendy course. and laugh all the way. Brilliant fun

Hilarious lever steered buggy

Helicopter Flight Simulator

Take the controls of this amazing fun simulator. Alongside your instructor you will be tilting and twisting and hopefully staying in the air! This is a genuine ‘flying’ experience, not a computer game.


Mobile helicopter flight simulator

Giant Mural Painting

Create your very own mural, through the combined efforts of many. We will provide the blank canvas with a sketch outline, ready for your guests to get creative with. Of course, you get to keep your work of art.

Mural painting games

Balloon Modelling

Models of the very highest quality, produced by an internationally acclaimed artiste. See the children’s faces light up when they receive such a gift. Adults love them too!


High quality balloon modelling for exhibitions and tradeshows

Body Art

Beautiful decorative art to add a touch of sparkle and colour, painted by a highly talented artist. Yes, face painting is still the favourite, but why not consider the hands, arms, feet ...


Hand painting body art for tradeshows and exhibitions

8 Race Car Simulator

Let’s go racing, with this impressive 8 car line up of Ferraris. The truck-mounted game includes a giant awning and full race commentaries. A very high throughput of players is easily  achievable

Micro 4x4 Off Road Driving

Loads of fun to be had driving these amazing palm sized radio controlled machines around the table top obstacle course. They may be tiny but they are tough little adventurers; everyone loves them!


Miniature off roader crossing a keyboard!

Jurassic Parts

Try your hand at assembling the piles of dinosaur bones into a ‘scary monster’ skeleton. Sizes vary from small to huge. A very popular father and son activity. Instructions are available for those that don’t know their jawbone from their rib!

Giant dinosaur assembly game

Family Fun Days

Ipad Art

Brilliant digital fun for all ages. Doodle, sketch, paint, graffiti spray, draw, colour in ... So many options at the flick of a finger. Watch the fun unfold on the interlinked big screens, print, e mail, upload. A great new activity.

Graffiti Wall

Experience all the fun of spray painting to your heart’s content, without any of the issues. On screen graffiti lets your artistic creativity come to the fore. Either use a promotional template, or just let visitors experiment.


Target Golf

A wonderfully challenging game for golfers and non-golfers alike. The aim is to pitch the balls into the variety of fun targets. Golfers be warned - novices often do better!


Miniature off roader crossing a keyboard!

Quiz Contests

Everyone loves a quiz and these are just perfect for all the family. Buzzers for all the players, questions on anything you want, a brilliant mix of knowledge, entertainment and fu for all.


Miniature off roader crossing a keyboard!

Fabulous Ice Creams and more

Fun tricycles stocked with a great range of fun foods, all of the very finest quality  e.g. Ice Creams, Donuts, Pimms, Espresso, Popcorn, Crepes, Pick and Mix.


Fabulous ice cream tricycle  for exhibitions and promotions

Win £10,000

Now this is a game that everyone will definitely want to play. All you have to do is open the safe, by entering the correct numbers. If you succeed the money is yours!


Win £10,000. That will draw the crowds.

Wind Up Horse Racing

Here’s a fun game that all ages can enjoy. Who will be the fastest to wind in their toy horse on a string. It’s a fast and furious contest. Plus, there are plenty of different races to take part in.


Wind up horse racing game