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Great images from great events

Creative and entertaining ways to photograph your special occasion, be it party, corporate event, social gathering or experiential marketing project. Enjoy the combined skills of professional photographers and talented entertainers, combined with hi-tech equipment and creative solutions.

Themed Photo Studio

Our flagship service for the most prestigious of special occasions, when only the very best will do.  A fully themed set, with fantastic props and costumes, a highly entertaining photographer in character and great prints delivered instantly. Superb entertainment, always hugely popular.


Mobile Themed photo studio for parties and events

Instant Prints

A fast print station is the key to success. Everyone can capture the event on camera, be it you, your guests, your photographer or us. It’s then just a few moments at the on-site printer and out come the prints. All the fun of the party, instantly available as souvenirs and mementoes.


Instant prints for events and parties

Spoof Paparazzi

For those glitzy, celebrity studded occasions you can expect these zany spoof paparazzi characters to add plenty of sparkle and a flash or two. Their pushy personalities will ensure no one escapes being captured on film for posterity.


Team Building Challenges

Creative teamwork is the order of the day. Produce a calendar, design and print the company’s latest in house magazine, step back in time and re-create the earliest photos... We have a selection of innovative and testing exercises for teams of all sizes.


Photography team building game

Aura Photography and Interpretations

A hand sensor and specialist camera captures the human energy field and converts it into a printed image. This can then be interpreted by an expert analyst who will provide valuable insights into personality and perhaps recommend lifestyle changes.


Aura photography for events and exhibitions

Exhibition Photography

Draw visitors to your stand by utilizing any of the above formats. Zany photographer characters, (e.g.paparazzi/historic/product related /...), branded pictures or even bespoke personalised images using green screen technology. We can put your visitors on the moon, in your earthmover, on a food or drinks label, on a book cover ...,

Fun photography for exhibition stands Spoof paparazzi ideas

Green Screen Photos

You and your friends, a plain backdrop and some computer wizardry. In no time at all we’ll place you somewhere else in print. And we will quickly deliver you the photo. Fun for all, always immensely popular. Perfect for product promotions and experiential marketing, perfect for parties. Couple this with our expertise in entertainment and props and you have a great package.


Green screen photography

Fun Photography