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Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

A versatile games for up to 5 players firing simultaneously at the airborne targets. Scores are automatically updated and displayed. Various different games can be played during a session.


Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting

We have available a wealth of brilliant outdoor events and activities to enjoy. Regardless of whether you are looking for a relaxing lawn game, a full on multi-activity day or anything in between we will be glad to help plan and deliver your event.

Our very first events, back in 1988, were outdoor activity days and we have been organising and delivering successful fun days, team building events, etc ever since. Here are just a few ideas to consider.

Ferret Racing

Lighthearted and enjoyable competition with 4 sporty ferrets racing down a row of long tubes and boxes. Which one will emerge at the far end first? Hosted by a friendly countryman and ferret expert.


Ferret racing games

Chuckle Buggy Driving

A totally hilarious driving experience! 6 wheels, 2 engines and 2 levers to steer with. Spin and slalom through the bendy course. and laugh all the way. Brilliant fun

Comedy buggy driving

4x4 Off Road Driving

Discover the capabilities of a rugged 4x4 off road vehicle. Tackle challenging terrain, such as very steep hills, water and ditches. Learn new skills, many of which are valuable for normal road driving.


4x4 off road driving for corporate events

Quad Bike Trekking

Always a popular choice, an adventurous excursion on a quad bike is great fun. During the course of an experience, riders will progress from the basics to tackling increasingly varied terrain.

Birds of Prey

A fascinating insight into the world of these hugely impressive birds. Have a go at handling them and setting them flying. Hawks, owls and maybe even an eagle will all be keeping their eyes on you!

Birds of Prey handling for fun events

Longbow and Crossbow Archery

Traditional longbow or crossbow are always greatly enjoyed. As well as conventional targets, the historic ‘Popinjay’ (targets on a high pole) is also available.


Target Golf

Successfully chipping the balls into the variety of fun targets is a combination of skill, tenacity and a little luck. Novices invariably do as well as, if not better than, the experts!


Target golf for fun days and team games

Sheepdogs and Duck Herding

Trying to control this unruly bunch of ducks is  a very amusing challenge. With the aid of a sheepdog, competitors try to steer the ducks through a long tunnel, between the hurdles and down a water slide.

Duck and geese herding fun and games

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Successfully breaking a clay pigeon as it flies through the air is very satisfying. By following the instructions of the experienced tutors everyone will soon be on target.  

Clay Pigeon shooting for corporate events and parties

Black Powder, Muskets and Mortars

Firing these rare historic guns is a truly unique experience. Authenticity runs through the event, with genuine equipment used throughout and a mildly eccentric costumed character hosting proceedings


Historic black powder shooting games

First Aid in Action

Many of us have a First Aid certificate, but how often do we rehearse? Here is a great opportunity to deploy those skills at these staged incidents.


Reverse Steer Driving

This is one very amusing driving experience. When you steer left, the car goes right! Try not to knock down the cones around the slalom course, or indeed those trees on the edge of the course. Great fun.

Reverse steer driving games

Powerturn Crazy

Two drivers and no steering wheel or pedals. Pull a wheelie off the start line and let’s see what happens next.

This is a driving experience you won’t forget in a hurry.

Crazy fun powerturn buggies

Outdoor Events and Fun Activities