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If you want to create a stir, then organise a competition with a fabulous prize up for grabs. It’s that simple.

The crowds will gather, interest will be sky high, PR opportunities will proliferate and you will be a guaranteed winner, even if nobody wins the big prize.

However, if someone does win you may well not want to have to pick up the bill. Especially if it’s tens or even hundreds of thousands.

That’s where we come in. Our specialist insurers will take the risk on your behalf in return for a very reasonable premium.

Fun casino money

A selection of games available are :

Or just tell us your objectives and we will advise as to the best game to play.

Win a Car, Win £10,000, Win a Holiday, Win, Win Win!

These games are perfect for  any of the following:

You may also be interested in our Fun Casinos, which are the perfect

accompanying games to any of the above

Hole in One Contest with massive prize Crack the Safe to win a massive prize