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Team CSR is a real project that takes your team into the local community to deliver something of lasting value.

We will liaise with you to identify the ‘something’ and assist with the technicalities, but otherwise it’s very much your project.

Example projects could be

Your project may well require some preliminary planning and preparations ahead of the main day(s) on site. E.g. Budgeting, sourcing tools and materials, negotiating, risk assessing, etc. On site you will need to keep the project on schedule, delegate tasks, feed the hungry..... And above all, Deliver.

You can look forward to a very rewarding experience, with plenty of enhanced camaraderie and a great sense of achievement.

‘Team CSR’ is a team building task packed with rewards, but above all it delivers

We appreciate that every team will have different resources available to them, be it numbers, time, budget, whatever. Therefore the above format will always be individually adjusted to suit your requirements.

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