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Our Team Building Challenges are perfect for those wishing to test and rehearse the full range of skills necessary for effective teamwork. They are all interactive and enjoyable, but with a serious purpose behind them.

Participants will find themselves involved in a project which requires careful attention from start to finish. Everyone will have to contribute, utilising and constructively applying their personal skills, if the task is to be successfully completed.

Indoor Teambuilding challenge

Architects and Builders

A complete project requiring the participants to design and build a model of a commercial or industrial complex. The layers of complexity concealed within the brief soon become obvious, as deadlines have to be met, plans approved, designs created, construction completed and handed to the developer on time. All the key elements of teamwork are tested and rehearsed. An indoor event.

Ideal for groups of 20 - 200

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Medieval Masters

This very rewarding project tells a medieval story in an ingenious way. Teams have to work together to solve all the clues, earn the equipment and then construct an amazing set of interlinked structures. If they succeed the story can then be told in a highly imaginative way, to the satisfaction of all involved. Challenging, rewarding and fun. An indoor event.

Ideal for groups of 40 - 200

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Indoor corporate team challenge

A Play in a Day

From a blank sheet of paper to the ‘first night’ performance, all in a busy few hours. There’s much planning and creativity required,with scripts to be written, a set designed, the show directed, lines learned, the actors rehearsed plus the added pressure of a challenging deadline to meet. How will the critics rate the show?

Ideal for groups of 15 - 40

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Acting team challenge X Factor style corporate team game

X Factor Stars in Your Eyes

A combination of meticulous preparation during the day, followed by a very lively after-dinner talent show. Before the show can go on the performers will have to rehearse their songs, work on stagecraft, design costumes, apply make-up... There’s plenty to think about and do.  It’s fantastic fun, but teams need to be well organised. May the best performers win. Audience voting and judges comments will be crucial to the outcome.

Ideal for groups of 20 - 40

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Outdoor team building games

Eye on The Ball

It’s so easy for teams to lose sight of the corporate objectives and become distracted by the minutiae of a task instead. Eye on The Ball is a light-hearted challenge that focuses on how this can easily happen and highlights ways to implement solutions when it does.

Ideal for groups of 20 - 50

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Team CSR

A hugely rewarding team task designed to deliver significant results, both for you and the recipients. Team CSR is a real project, direct into your local community. You conceive it, plan it and deliver it, with only a minimal guiding input from us. You may be helping restore a run down building, or perhaps putting on a show at a residential unit. Who knows? One thing is for sure - there’s a great deal of benefits for everyone.

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Fun, corporate social responsibility team work event

If you are looking for something more light-hearted then please take a look at our selection of Team Building Games.

Teambuilding Challenges