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Motivating, entertaining, amusing, competitive, stimulating, rewarding, memorable. All these adjectives describe what to expect when you experience one of our Teambuilding Games.

The games are perfect for enhancing team spirit and accelerating the bonding process. Plus, all have in built versatility, so that they can easily adapt to meet your personal objectives.

Let the fun begin!

Top Gear theme games

Topped Gear

If you want a totally hilarious, highly stimulating and competitive team event then look no further. Topped Gear delivers on all fronts. This brilliant spoof on the TV show features 3 star presenters, a host of amazing games to choose from, madcap contests and even a few explosives!

With daytime and evening options available, there’s an edition to suit any brief.

Ideal for groups of 20 - 100+

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The Apprentices

Sir Colin Sugar is looking for a team of high achievers. His search involves participants undertaking a series of tough challenges. The challenges may be tough, but the Boardroom finale is a far worse ordeal. Be prepared, well prepared, to defend your team’s performance.

One team will survive this gruelling selection process and earn the immortal words ‘You’re Hired’. For all the others the outcome is, sadly, all too predictable!

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The Apprentice style team event Treasure hunt in York

Treasure Hunts

Our gently paced treasure hunts are a great anti-dote to the mad pace of modern lifestyles. The York treasure trail is especially popular, because of its stunning historic backdrop. However, our hunts can be at any location, even around the venue of your choice.

Solve the clues, capture some images on camera and hope to be the ones to crack the lock on the treasure chest.

Ideal for groups from 15 upwards

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Money Makers

Everyone loves money and this very lively team game is all about stacking up as much as possible. Any number of interactive games and contests can be included in this versatile package. We recommend you choose a wide spectrum of games for broad appeal. The informal structure of Money Makers makes it very popular with many participants; they greatly welcome the fact that there is no rigid timetable to follow. Warning: Always be on the lookout for cheats and thieves!

Ideal for groups from 25 upward

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Crazy team games indoors

Wacky Races

Dastardly tricks and madcap fun are assured as teams work to build their colourful model race cars and devise the crazy characters who will drive them. Penelope Pitstop and Peter Perfect are popular choices. With cars finished and characters perfected it’s time for the racing to begin.

Good luck everyone!

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Wacky races style team games

Wild West Team Adventures

Loads of very informal fun and games, all in the theme of Wild West. Shoot outs, teepee erecting, line dancing, rope spinning, maybe even some cattle rustling; it’s all here to be enjoyed. Plus, we can build a superbly themed backdrop for all the action.

Just root out your favourite stetson and mosey on down to the games.

No brawling!

Perfect outdoors or in, for groups of all sizes.

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Medieval Tournament

Colourful pageantry, ancient games, rivalry and the occasional visit to the stocks for miscreants! This historic contest is perfect for team building events that require a novel twist, especially those being held at centuries old locations.

Teams battle through the tournament for the crown ‘Kings and Queens of the Castle’. Authentic games, costume and fun are all assured.

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If you’re looking for a slightly more serious solution then the  Team Building Challenges may be more appropriate.

We also offer bespoke Management Team Training programmes.

Top Gear theme games

Teambuilding Games

Virtual Olympic Games

2012 is set to be a fantastic year of sporting action. Join in the fun with your very own Olympic Games contest. This great format features plenty of competitive action for individuals and teams alike.

You’ll be involved in all kinds of sports, but don’t worry, you don’t need to be fit; just enthusiastic.

We will handle all the organisation and deliver on time. We’ll try to keep to budget as well!


The Art of Story Telling

The written word is back in a big way! Social media has seen to that. More and more of us are communicating this way but, as you may well have noticed, there’s certainly room for improvement.

This is a perfect opportunity for you and your team to get together and produce some short stories in a fun and valuable way.

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