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Interaction is our speciality, so naturally this is reflected in the range of motivating and rewarding teambuilding events we offer. The choice includes everything from a day long, testing team challenge to a quickfire ‘Icebreaker’ activity.

Our Team Building Challenges are perfect for those wishing to test the full range of skills necessary for effective teamwork. The Teambuilding Games are ideal for all occasions where fun, bonding and improved group dynamic are important objectives.

Our bespoke Team Training courses are ideal for situations where more intensive, carefully planned, focused and facilitated training is required. Here, the emphasis is on identifying your objectives and then delivering measurable results.

Medieveal theme team challenge

Team Building Challenges

Architects, Planners and Builders

A complete project requiring the team to design and build a model of a commercial or industrial complex. Tests and rehearses all elements of teamwork.

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Indoor team building challenge

X Factor Stars in Your Eyes

Before the show can go on the performers will have to rehearse their songs, work on stagecraft, design costumes, ... It’s fantastic fun, but teams need to be well organised.

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X Factor team game

Eye on The Ball

It’s so easy for teams to lose sight of the corporate objectives and become focused on the minutiae of a task instead. Eye on The Ball is a light-hearted challenge that highlights how things can go wrong if this happens.

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Fun teambuilding task

Medieval Masters

This very rewarding project tells a medieval story in an ingenious way. Teams have to work together to solve all the clues, earn the equipment and then construct an amazing set of interlinked structures. Challenging, rewarding and fun. An indoor event.

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Large group team challenge

A Play in a Day

From a blank sheet of paper to the ‘first night’ performance, all in a busy few hours. There’s much planning and creativity required, and the added pressure of a challenging deadline to meet. How will the critics rate the show?

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Theatrical role play team game

Topped Gear

If you want a prestigious, totally crazy, highly stimulating and competitive team event then look no further. Topped Gear, the all action spoof event delivers.  

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Top Gear spoof entertainment

The Apprentices

The challenges may be tough, but the Boardroom is even worse! Try not to make any mistakes along the way, because a merciless ribbing is the likely price to be paid!

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The Apprentices team contest

Treasure Hunts

Our gently paced treasure hunts are a great anti-dote to the mad pace of modern lifestyles. Solve the clues, capture some images on camera and hope to be the ones to crack the lock on the treasure chest.

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Corporate event treasure hunt, York

Money Makers

Everyone loves money and this very lively team game is all about stacking up as much as possible. Any number of interactive games and contests can be included in this versatile package. Always be on the lookout for cheats and thieves!

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Lively team building games

Wacky Races

Dastardly tricks and madcap fun are assured as teams work to build their colourful race cars. With cars finished and characters perfected it’s time for the racing to begin. Good luck everyone!

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'Wacky Races' fun teambuilding game

Team Building Games

Teambuilding Events

The Art of Storytelling

Short stories are wonderful. Engaging and entertaining for the audience, empowering for the tellers.

Teams write their stories, rehearse them and then deliver them to their colleagues.

Theatrical role play team game