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Our highly successful and ever popular treasure hunts are brilliant fun from start to finish. They’re competitive, stimulating, un-hurried, inexpensive entertainment.

Treasure hunt features include:

Perfect for

A unique element to our treasure hunts is the dramatic finale. This is when teams assemble to try to unlock the treasure chest.

This is so much more exciting than just adding up points, as many of our competitors do.

The same goes for the parallel scavenger hunt. This features a great finale as well, that is sure to create plenty of laughs.

Trails can be at any location, for any period of time. Choose from city centre locations, country houses, hotels, rural villages, or indeed any venue of your choice. Historic backdrops are always especially rewarding.

You set out the criteria, and we’ll do the rest.

Our Treasure Hunts are always carefully designed to be stimulating, entertaining and un-hurried.

Over the years clients have particularly enjoyed the gentle pace - time to relax, time to escape the pressures of a typical day!

Plus, they’re great at any time of year.

Fun hunts and treasure trails across Yorkshire, northern England and nationwide

Foot based hunts are our most popular, but car trails, helicopter trails or combinations are all possible. We are experts at creating bespoke events, so please just ask if you want something extra special.

The City of York is always a favourite treasure hunt location, as is Harrogate, Leeds, Sheffield, Hull, Manchester, Whitby, Scarborough, ....

Or if you prefer a scenic rural adventure, then the Yorkshire Dales, North Yorkshire Moors or Lake District all offer magnificent backdrops.

Antiques theme treasure hunt or evening quiz

A unique alternative hunt is our Antique Curios Trail.

Focusing on antiques and curios, the trail is perfect for any historic venue. Seek out the items, identify them and describe their original purposes. The competition is overseen by our antiques expert. Great fun and very informative.

This can also be offered as an Antiques Quiz contest, making a great dinner entertainment.

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